Injectables, Dermal Fillers and Peels

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Injectables, Dermal Fillers and Peels

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    Facial lines and wrinkles form as a result of genetic and environmental factors.

    With time cellular turnover rate slows down and a reduction in collagen production also occurs. While pollution, the sun, and repeated muscle contraction like frowning for too long (expression wrinkles), can also cause cumulative skin damage.  

    How are Dermal fillers and BOTOX® different?

    While dermal fillers are injections that add volume and fullness to the treated area, BOTOX® is a form of a neurotoxin that helps in the treatment of dynamic facial wrinkles or expression wrinkles by weakening the underlying facial musculature.

    Rule of thumb, you’re not supposed to look pumped up; dermal fillers and BOTOX® are enhancers!

    Are dermal fillers successful?

    The success rate of your procedure is tightly connected to the knowledge of the expert treating you in injection techniques and facial anatomy, as well as to the type of components used in fillers. Matter of fact, one of the components of the filler is the same Hyaluronic acid that the body naturally produces!

    Is there a substitute for BOTOX®?

    BOTOX® is backed by 16 years of research and is FDA - approved to treat areas like the glabella(around the mouth), forehead, crow's feet, upper and lower lip, chin, neck, and around the eyes. It has also been stated by the FDA that “ BOTOX® Cosmetic is “non-interchangeable,” which means that its safety and effectiveness cannot be claimed by any other product”.In other words, there is no generic botox!  

     Dermal Fillers and Botox treatment areas

    Dermal fillers help reduce signs of aging in the face and hands for both men and women. It is also successful in filling mild to moderate lines and folds, thus helping smooth and rejuvenate the skin. It also helps patients looking to correct nasolabial folds and is used in procedures such as face contouring as well as cheek, chin, and lip augmentation and nose enhancement. While Botox treats, Gummy smile and Hyperhidrosis, which is a condition of abnormal and excess sweating especially in the armpits and hands.

    Treatment protocol for injectables

    One to two days before the treatment:

    •  Don’t Bleach, wax, tweeze or use depilatory creams on treated areas.
    • Discontinue any external or internal use of retinoids.
    • Discontinue use of 10% or higher Alpha Hydroxy Acids or other types of exfoliants.
    • If you have a history of perioral herpes, begin prophylactic antiviral therapy the day before.


    • Avoid sun exposure after treatment to reduce the chances of hyper-pigmentation.
    • Avoid blood thinners after treatment to reduce the chance of bruising, for the exception of Paracetamol.
    • Do not pick or scratch areas of injection, especially if scabbing should occur.
    • Treat the skin gently. Wash with a gentle cleanser, cool water, using hands only, and then pat dry.
    • Use sunscreen SPF 50 on a daily basis.
    • Avoid direct ice. Cool gauze may be used for swelling and/or bruising.  (Only for Dermal Fillers)

    During Treatment Don’t use lotions, creams, and makeup in areas treated.

    Both dermal fillers and BOTOX® are temporary treatments that must be repeated after 4 monthsYou might notice exaggerated facial expression for an hour after your BOTOX® treatment, redness, bruising and swelling for up to 3 days. However, you can resume your activities immediately after your treatment as long as you remain upright for four hours post-treatment.

    Chemical Peels

    What are Chemical Peels?

    It’s a skin-resurfacing procedure that works on increasing cell turnover rate by exfoliating top skin layers in the epidermis and dermis. Later the natural healing process of the skin helps repair the treated area revealing a smoother more rejuvenated skin. Chemical peels are effective in removing acne scars, unclogging pores and reducing wrinkles, age spots, and blemishes, as well as sun and age-related hyperpigmentation. It is also used as a complementary procedure usually performed two to three months prior to a facelift.

    Chemical peels treatment ranges from light, medium, and high.


    The treatment ranges from light, medium or moderate, and deep or high depending on the patient’s need and sought result.

    Light peel: A light chemical solution, such as salicylic acid or alpha-hydroxy acid, is applied to the treated area to gently exfoliate. It helps in the treatment of fine wrinkles, acne, uneven skin tone and dryness. After the procedure, you might feel some slight stinging sensation, while recovery time is usually from four to seven days. Medium peel: Reaches the outer and middle layer of the skin/dermis, and it usually contains glycolic acid or trichloroacetic acid. It can treat wrinkles, acne scars and uneven skin tone, but you might have to repeat the treatment peel after three to nine months to maintain results. Your skin should recover after five to seven days from the treatment, while your skin might stay irritated for the next months. Deep peel: It’s for more advanced stages of skin aging and discoloration and scars. A deep chemical peel reaches the deeper layers of the dermis, for that reason, it is recommended to perform once. On average, it will take about two weeks for the new skin to form though full recovery might take weeks. Scars and infections are some of the risk factors that can result from chemical peels. However, the risk of complications becomes highly unlikely when conducted by a licensed healthcare provider. Chemical solutions that contain glycolic acid that you can do at home will not have the same, however, they pose less risk.

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