Skin Whitening

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Skin Whitening

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    About the Service

    Skin whitening involves several types of treatments aiming at lightening the skin color and providing it with an even tone and color. All these treatments, whether using chemicals, lasers or creams work on getting rid of dead cells and reducing the melanin concentration in the skin, which is the main cause of pigmentation, dark spots, freckles and blemishes. Skin whitening treatments are used to treat imperfections on both the facial and body skin of men and women. Following the consultation, Silkor’s dermatologists will assign the best skin whitening treatment for you according to your needs noting that in some cases, several treatments are combined together to have better results.  

    Who needs skin whitening?

      Taking care of yourself, boosting your self-confidence and aiming at perfection is always OKAY! If you are suffering from these problems, call us now and book your free consultation:
    • a pale or dark, uneven and pigmented skin tone
    • freckles and blemishes
    • birthmarks and acne scars
    • dark pigmented skin on sensitive areas such as bikini, underarms, elbows and knees sunspots and other skin imperfections

    Silkor offers a wide range of skin whitening treatments

    • Skin chemical peels: a highly safe non-surgical procedure that involves the application of one or more chemicals on facial or body skin. It helps in removing the upper layer of the skin thus getting rid of imperfections gradually
    • DMD or Diamond Micro-Dermabrasion: an advanced non-surgical exfoliation technique designed to remove dead skin cells, pigmented skin cells, stimulate new cellular growth and collagen leaving the skin fresh, smooth and luminous
    • Fractional CO2 laser: by treating deep in the dermis layer as well as the skin’s surface, laser fractional treatments help you improve freckles, blemishes and skin pigmentation resulting in lightening the skin’s tone
    • HydraFacial MD: a highly customizable treatment that will exfoliate, brighten up and protect your skin instantly
    • Mesotherapy micro needling: painless injections of multivitamins and amino-acids that leave your skin glowing immediately to achieve faster and long-lasting results

    Is skin whitening permanent?

    In general, skin whitening is permanent most of the time, but many factors can affect the result such as constant exposure to sunlight, hormonal changes and poor after-treatment skin care. You can discuss these factors with our dermatologist before your treatment.

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