Lymphatic Drainage

Silkor provides its clientele with solutions for Lymphatic Drainage using the following technologies:

Body Wraps


Cellulite affects over 80% of post-adolescent women, young and old, active and non active. Although diet and exercise can help, they do not eliminate the ripples and dimples that give skin an uneven and orange surface-like texture. Even though topical treatments can temporarily mask the problem, they remain largely ineffective because surface dimpling is a symptom of cellulite rather than the cause. Endermologie is a unique, non invasive, deep tissue therapy that is recognized as the first treatment to receive FDA clearance for “the temporary improvement in the appearance of cellulite and circumferential body measurements”. This mechanical treatment combined with diet and exercise will diminish the appearance of cellulite, improve skin tone and redefine your figure.


For optimal weight loss results, we provide you with a detoxifying compression system designed to increase the venous and lymphatic flow and enhance extra-cellular fluid clearance.
• Recommended for the treatment of cellulite
• Slims and detoxifies
• Improves circulation and increases lymphatic drainage
• Relieves pain, swelling and fluid retention
• Alleviates edemas, leg fatigue and improves oxygen flow through the body
• Redefines the legs, stomach and arms while enhancing skin tone

Body Wraps

Created specifically for Silkor, our array of body wraps are fusions of ancient and modern techniques and provide an oasis of slimming, rejuvenation and relaxation experiences. Our body care treatments offer some of the best antidotes for stress, weight loss and body toning.
Selvert Thermal Firming Treatment with Push-up Wrap
Selvert Thermal Slimming and Anti-cellulite Treatment Wrap
Selvert Thermal Regenerating Treatment Wrap
Selvert Thermal Draining and Detoxifying Treatment Wrap
Selvert Thermal Relaxation Body Treatment Wrap