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Laser hair removal chest area

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But how does laser eliminate hair? 

Laser hair removal works by beaming a high concentrated light directed to the hair follicles, The pigment in the follicles absorb the light, which in its turn (breaks down) the hair and prevents it from regrowing after a number of sessions.

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Our Practitioners are skilled and our machines are FDA- Approved 


Each practitioner goes through an intensive training process.  Also, a licensed dermatologist is assigned to oversee the treatments and and asses the competence of the medical staff.


The many developments in laser hair removal technologies and an increasing efficacy of machinery, has made it possible for every costumer to have a customized experience that fits his or her concerns.

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The device is created to specifically and selectively target the darker hair while leaving the surrounding brighter area intact. For that reason, it is very effective in removing hair in small areas like the upper lip, beard, or bikini.

Men most commonly benefit from laser hair removal to shape their beard or for removing and thinning of hair. However, most of our male clientele benefit from Full body hair removal or a “swimmer’s body”.