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    Silkor provides its clientele with solutions for Stretch Marks using the following technologies: Carboxytherapy Chemical Peelings


    Carboxytherapy refers to the cutaneous and subcutaneous administration of carbon dioxide gas [CO2] for therapeutic purposes.

    What is the process of Carboxytherapy?

    First of all, your physician will examine your body and decide the amount of CO2 that should be injected in the site. The session will take from 10 to 15 minutes where the CO2 will be injected under the skin using very minute caliber needle (less than 0.3 mm). The process is very simple; there is no recovery period or pre operative technique as there is no anesthesia involved in the session.

    Carboxytherapy for Stretch Marks

    Those who are suffering from stretch marks will also benefit from Carboxytherapy immensely. Stretch marks appear after stretching skin to the limit. This always happens during puberty, when the body grows up quickly over a short period of time; also it occurs during quick weight gain or pregnancy. When the collagen fibers are stretched to the limit, it breaks down and several blood capillaries are torn during the process and this results in the appearance of pink streaks. After that, the blood is absorbed and the line loses its pigmentation leading into a white line or a stretch mark. Carboxytherapy can increase the amount of fibroblasts at the site of the stretch mark. Fibroblasts are the source of collagen fibers which are responsible for the elasticity of the skin. CO2 also will help increase the blood supply carrying micro globules of pigments that will restore the normal pigmentation of the skin. On continuation of Carboxytherapy for several sessions, the stretch marks will disappear completely leaving the skin healthy, homogenous, firm and elastic.

    Carboxytherapy Pain Management

    People might think that Carboxytherapy needs pain management after the session like liposuction or any other traditional method of treatment but, the truth is that you do not even need a single pill of pain killer after the session.

    Carboxytherapy Possible Side Effects

    Surprisingly, the process has the minimal side effects when compared to other methods. The possible side effects are the redness and numbness of the skin at the area of injection. There are no other common or known side effects recorded with patients treated with Carboxytherapy.

    Duration of Treatment

    Carboxytherapy can extend from 4 to 16 sessions. Sessions could be attended every other day or every three or seven days.

    Efficacy of Treatment

    The effect of the treatment can extend for more than a year if the patient is following a good controlled diet with the optimum exercise. The duration will get shorter if the patient is not following these instructions and not practicing any kind of sport.


    Since stretch marks originate below the skin’s surface, there is no way to remove these marks completely. However chemical peelings can effectively diminish their appearance, while creating a smoother, softer surface to the skin.

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