The Reformation of Laser Hair Removal

The Reformation of Laser Hair Removal

How do you think you would feel to wake up one morning on a hot summers day, get a crash phone call from your friends who are saying they’re coming to pick you up and head for the beach in a few minutes… at that point you instinctively head for the shaver when you’ll stop and realize in a daze as you bend down to stroke your silky-soft legs:  “I’ve been permanently hair free for months!”. With delight you quickly slip on your swimsuit, grab a few beach essentials and you’re out the door in a flash! You get into the car with the loud music and your friends bubbling over with enthusiasm as they embellish you with all the cool plans for the day.  At that moment you grin and think to yourself “Who would have thought those Laser treatments would have made such a difference?”

There is no doubt that the quality of your life can be enhanced by meeting your hygienic bodily needs.  Silkor has pioneered in Laser Hair Removal in the Middle East, which has been a breakthrough in the medico-aesthetic world. Branches reside throughout Beirut and can be found in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Al Ain, Qatar and Oman.  We have many testimonials of the relief and self-confidence experienced after pursuing Laser Hair Removal treatments. S. Vettery from Dubai reports: “I went to Silkor because I’ve always had a problem. When I would shave my armpits and bikini area I would get bumps and skin rashes from the razor and I was very self-conscious about it… I am now happier than ever with the remarkable results”. S. Singh states: “It’s hard enough to feel confident in a bathing suit without the added stress of worrying about embarrassing shaving bumps and stray bikini hairs… Silkor solved my hair problem most certainly. I don’t even think about it now that I’ve had Laser Hair Removal”. F. Ferzli who came for treatments on his beard and neck says: “Having to always shave my neck from where my beard ended irritated my skin especially when I had to wear a tie, after a few Laser sessions at Silkor my beard is now well defined with no hairs on my neck to shave anymore, I am very pleased with the results”.  Long term customers who have done Laser Hair Removal have reported not needing to use a razor or epilator for more than a decade.

Whether you’re a man or woman you’ve probably tried all the traditional forms of hair removal only to be all the more dissatisfied with the recurrent temporary relief. Laser Hair Removal treatments have the ability to quickly and permanently rid your face, legs, arms, bikini line and anywhere else on your body of those aggravating hairs. Silkor offers a variety of technologically advanced and personalized Lasers to provide you with safe and quality ensured results. To meet the needs of any skin and hair type Silkor have on site the Alexandrite Laser, the Diode Laser, the Nd:Yag Laser.  All treatments are FDA approved and are performed by experienced medical personnel.

Laser Hair Removal also eliminates under-skin-grown hairs, pimples, and pores resulting from the process of hair re-growth. Dermatologist, Dr. Hajj, states “Inflammation of the hair follicles occurs when the hairs are broken or cut below the skin level. Laser hair removal is a proven way to treat ingrown facial hairs and ingrown hairs on the bikini line, as well as other areas on the body.”  Don’t let those hairs get in the way of your self-confidence!

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