Laser Tattoo Removal

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Laser Tattoo Removal

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    About Laser Tattoo Removal

    How does the treatment work?

    Recent advancements in laser tattoo removal technologies have made it possible for a single laser machine to emit multiple wavelengths; i.e. a broad spectrum of light. These varieties can absorb a range of ink colors, even the most resilient ones,thus, precisely targeting and instantly fragmenting the tattoo’s pigments without inflicting damage to the surrounding tissue. Your body will then absorb the fragmented pigments and eliminate them naturally, until you’ll notice the color fading away in the next couple of weeks.

    You get no less than the golden standard!

    We employ the RevLite® laser machine that is built on the original ConBio™ Q-Switched laser technology, which is considered to be the current golden standard laser technology in tattoo removal. It offers multiple wavelengths for the technician to choose from, making it adjustable to the properties of each tattoo and customizable to your specific needs

    How many seasons will I require?

    Factors such as size, color, ink composition, location and age of the tattoo weigh in when deciding on the number of sessions required to remove the tattoo entirely. For instance, and taking into consideration the ink composition, a professional tattoo will typically require 10 to 12 sessions, while an amateur one will take around 8 sessions. During your free consultation our professionals will provide you with a plan that’s right for you!

    A coverup will save you some sessions.

    If you're planning on covering a body tattoo or fixing your eyebrow tattoo, lightening the ink takes less sessions than reducing it entirely.

    Manage your expectations:

    Removing a tattoo can take the same amount of commitment as getting one. It can be a bit painful, and, like a sleeve tattoo, it can take you some time before you see the final result. Especially that sessions are usually spaced out from 3 to 6 weeks apart to allow for the regeneration process of the fragmented pigment particles. However, you will notice the tattoo lighten after each session, due to the destruction and reduction of the pigment.



    Avoid exposing the area to sun or tanning beds or applying self-tanning creams 7 days prior to your session. If you’ve got a sensitive skin, a topical anesthetic may be applied prior to treatment for pain relief. Make sure to remove any makeup, creams, oil or body lotion/milk of the treatment area. Make sure there are no open sores, lesions, allergy or skin infection affecting the treatment area. Refrain from using bleaching and exfoliating creams 3 to 4 days prior to the treatment.  


    Apply cold gauzes or ice packs to reduce swelling. Don’t apply ice packs directly on your skin; instead, wrap it with a paper or a cloth towel, and make sure you don’t keep it in direct contact with the skin for more than 15 minutes at a time. Keep alert, treated areas may blister, swell, crust or scab. Avoid scratching or irritating the area during the healing process; therefore, don’t use harsh soaps, medicated washes, scrubs and peels. Keep the treated area hydrated with soothing cream prescribed by your Silkor practitioner. You can only leave the treatment site uncovered, on the one condition that it is not exposed to the sun. Avoid excessive sweating, swimming, saunas or hot tubs and vigorous working out for 24 to 48h. Use SPF 50 sunblock on the treated areas at all times. If you feel any discomfort within the first 24 hours, pain killers can be taken. The skin should heal normally within 10 to 14 days.

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