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Threads Lifting

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    What is a thread lift?

    It is a safe non-surgical minimally invasive procedure suitable for men and women between 35 and 55 years old who desire to get rid of a double chin, facial skin sagging and wrinkles. In addition to lifting, this procedure provokes the body’s healing response causing collagen to surge in the areas that are healing. It involves the usage of specialized threads that are passed under the skin using a needle (without any incisions) to elevate the sagging tissue in the problem areas. Several threads are used in different directions to catch the excess skin. These threads are then pulled up for an immediate lift in the face, jaw and neck areas, then fixed into place to anchor them together. The threads will dissolve slowly in the next few months and the newly lifted tissue is firmly in place and no longer needs the additional support.  

    Where can the threads be used?

    Over time, changes to the shape of the face and its appearance occur due to age-related alterations in facial skin strength and elasticity together with fat, bone and cartilage loss. Threads can lift:
    • Chin (to treat a double-chin)
    • Neck
    • Eyes
    • Jawline
    • Cheeks

    What threads do we use?

    At Silkor, our Dermatologists use the best resorbable polylactic acid sutures. They are better than other typical lifting threads because the middle part of the thread, which is placed in the skin, provides a high level of support for the lifted and fixed area. Moreover, the thread is easier to relocate when correction is necessary.  

    Is a thread lift painful?

    A thread lift is usually performed under local anesthesia, which makes it very comfortable. The procedure requires around 40 minutes and you should expect minimal pain or discomfort afterwards and mild swelling with 2 days for full recovery.

    Thread lift vs. facelift surgery

    Are you wondering what’s so special about thread lifts? It’s a non-surgical procedure, so its downtime is minimal compared to a traditional facelift surgery. Moreover, it’s a low risk procedure with no incisions, no scars and no stitches with almost immediate results.

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