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Breast Lift

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    What causes sagging breasts?

    Women’s breasts can change over time losing their shape and firmness due to several factors such as:
    • Pregnancy & breastfeeding
    • Weight fluctuation
    • Aging; which causes natural decrease in collagen and the loss of skin’s elasticity

    Can I do a breast lift?

    You can undergo a breast lift surgery if:
    • You’re healthy and don’t suffer from serious health conditions
    • If you’re not planning to have more kids
    • If your breasts are sagging, lost their natural shape and volume
    • If your nipples and areolas are deformed

    How is a breast lift done?

    This surgical procedure’s main goal is to raise the breasts by removing the excess skin and tightening the remaining skin making the breasts’ size proportional to the woman’s height and waist size. During the procedure, Silkor’s surgeon repositions the nipples and areolas (the darker tissue around the nipples) to their natural position when necessary.

    Is a breast lift painful?

    The surgery needs between 2 to 3 hours during which you will be fully sedated. Yet, some pain and discomfort is expected in the first few days after the breast lift and can be controlled with appropriate pain medication.

    What to expect after a breast lift?

    The recovery process varies from one patient to another. Yet, in general, your breasts will be swollen after the surgery and your nipples and areolas will feel numb for a few days. The stitches may be removed 1 or 2 weeks later and downtime may be between 1 or 2 weeks too.

    What to do before and after the breast lift

    Silkor’s surgeon will explain the procedure and give you all the necessary information and instructions prior to the surgery. Generally, after the operation, you will be asked to sleep on your back or side to keep your weight off your breasts. You should avoid bending, lifting heavy objects and exercising for a certain period. You will also have to wear a surgical bra and take prescribed medications.

    How long does a breast lift last?

    To maintain the great results after your surgery, you will need to:
    • Avoid excessive weight fluctuations
    • Drink a lot of water
    • Exercise the muscles of your chest to keep it in a lifted position
    • Apply sunscreen and the right products to keep your skin firm and hydrated
    • Wear a bra at all times to support your breast tissue

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