A Conversation with Dr. Chantal Sciuto on the Intersection of Skincare, Art, and Self-Identity

In the ever-evolving landscape of skincare and beauty, the role of medico-aesthetic dermatologists has become increasingly crucial. Dr. Chantal Sciuto, a distinguished expert in the field, takes us on a journey into a world where well-being, beauty, and art collide. Renowned for her innovative approaches to skin health, Dr. Sciuto seamlessly blends medical expertise with a keen eye for aesthetic enhancement.

In this exclusive Q&A session, we delve into the realm of medico-aesthetic dermatology, exploring the latest advancements, debunking common myths, and gaining insights into personalized skincare routines.

Ready to get up-close-and-personal with this powerful doctor?

I transitioned from plastic surgery to dermatology after discovering a passion for skin health in Brazil. Mentored by experts in Argentina and Brazil, 30 years ago, I witnessed the South of America as a hub for plastic surgery excellence. In 1996, I delved into groundbreaking techniques such as Botox and lasers, aiming to enhance beauty and instill confidence in patients who seek not just medical treatment, but a profound sense of self-identity.


My approach involves a personalized hour-long consultation to establish a connection with my patients, emphasizing the importance of their unique journey. Unlike a one-size-fits-all protocol, I mentor individuals in their everyday lives, recognizing that the mind-body connection is pivotal. While many doctors focus on marketing and the final treatment, my priority is on the patient’s attention and maintenance. I follow-up after a week to ensure satisfaction, ultimately striving to boost people’s self-assurance.

I specialize in dermatology and aesthetic medicine, with a focus on “Beauty Couture” . I’ve earned recognition for my trademark approach, which involves tailoring beauty concepts to enhance unique facial features and shapes. Immersed in the world of fashion, I collaborate with haute couture designers, blending aesthetics and beauty. I’m Italian and as you know Italy is the land of art and Leonardo da Vinci, I draw inspiration from tradition but leverage modern technology to create the three-step beauty couture process: maintenance (educating clients on self-care), basic prevention (addressing aging concerns), and a holistic blend of treatments, cosmetics, and nutrition.

The way of connecting with my patients. My special care is unique, since as I mentioned before, I invest in my patient’s well-being, versus the “before and after” results. I believe there is a “meet and greet” phase that is very essential before we dive into what they want – as I tap into the reasons and the psyche of each patient – because listening is key, and my clients want to be heard, before anything else. In my clinic it’s a “hello, let’s talk, and let’s discuss” – very far from the “hello, “treatment treatment treatment and then CIAO”. 

So far, I joined Silkor in a moment where I didn’t need to stay in UAE, but I was conquered by your sense of professionalism. I worked in big companies and I found that, the bigger the company, the more distant one becomes with their employees. However, with you guys, it’s the opposite. The sense of closeness is very evident, efficient,and  helpful – which I found to be very unique in a corporation that is growing on a daily basis.  I appreciate that.

Skin Toning or tightening!
It is the most demanded service these days and it is usually advised after weight loss and pregnancy.

First, before anything, the quality of your skin is a priority – and this starts within. What I mean is that a healthy body flaunts a healthy skin – we all agree on this.

As a dermatologist I prefer we start the transformation from within to gain radiant and tight skin, because the healthier you look, the younger you glow and there’s no need to fix a wrinkle.

Simply,  skin quality comes first , the treatments come second.

In the past, people used to believe in enhancing beauty by using fillers everywhere, without any proper consultation, which was a wrong idea. Nowadays, the beauty concept is changing, but some still hold onto outdated notions. It’s crucial to find a good doctor who understands this shift; otherwise, it’s a waste of money. 


Once, I consulted a case that needed amending after another doctor’s wrong-doing.
The patient showcased a really bad after-math of injections done wrong. I advised her to detox herself from all treatments –  emphasizing the “less is more” approach.
Many doctors are not patient-oriented – they lack professionalism and inject only to comply with patient demands. 

In cases of dysmorphia, a responsible doctor should refuse treatment.
Fortunately, my office in Rome doesn’t face such issues. 

We have different ideas of beauty. It depends on the background and culture. People in the MENA region opt for fuller cheeks and are obsessed with lips – Russian lips especially which are very trendy. They don’t admit to them. They look after the lower area especially with men in which they focus on their jawline area. Whereas, in Italy it’s more of a classical beauty approach in general, they are less pumped in volume and It’s a bit more sophisticated and natural-looking. 

The change is evident in the idea of beauty representing beauty.
In the past, patients come to the office with pictures of Angelina Jolie, Audrey Hepburn, requesting to copy-paste that beauty.. Now it’s the opposite, patients opt for more personal ideas, customizing their beauty to themselves – “a more beautiful ME”.
Their own personality, own beauty, more individuality, while empowering a world of ME, therefore creating a social revolution.
The mantra has changed to “I want to look like my better self”. 

Dr. Chantal is a certified doctor specialized in anti-aging treatments, she is a brand ambassador for the most well-renowned skincare brands across the globe, and she was nominated for the Best Italian Woman for her Dedication to the Development of Aesthetic Dermatology.