Sugarcoating The Bitter Truth

Sugarcoating The Bitter Truth: The Skinny and the Fat of it

Hey there, and welcome to a discussion that’s got everyone buzzing! We’re diving headfirst into a hot topic today: toxic positivity and the surprising ways it shapes our notions of a healthy body. Ever wonder if all those “good vibes only” mantras are more harmful than helpful? Stick around because we’re about to uncover the secrets behind this positivity paradox. Strap in; it’s going to be a wild ride!

Toxic positivity is the belief that you should always be happy and positive, even when it’s not realistic or healthy, which can lead to denying or invalidating negative emotions.


If you break it down, the contradiction is what makes it stand out.
Toxic is something that affects you negatively, while positivity is, well, positive.
How can two things just make sense together? The reality is that they shouldn’t – “Good vibes only” isn’t good advice because it can lead to emotional dysfunction – therefore forgetting the balance – we should live by.  


It’s 2023 people! Where the motto is “You do you” – but here’s the twist. While we’re all for embracing individuality and freedom, there’s a catch. When your choices start messing with your health or the health of those around you, it’s like crashing a party with a siren blaring. So, let’s talk about those decisions that are a little less “you-do-you” and a little more “let’s-do-better.”


The dilemma of being skinny or fat, less is more in this case. What do we mean by that? There are a lot of people who engage in unhealthy lifestyle habits such as not eating enough or not lifting a finger. With all these models on instagram (which anyone with a good camera phone can become) are promoting toxic positivity when it comes to body image. 


Why the fuss about body shapes, you ask? Well, it’s not just about the shape, it’s about the message. Some ‘wanna-be-influencers’ have got it wrong. Take Lizzo, for instance a famous singer who is morbidly obese flaunting her ‘okay’ body image. We’re not here to shame, we’re here to state the health concerns that come hand-in-hand with weight gain or extreme weight loss.

Not to mention, how crazy it is that some underweight/super skinny influencers make it seem like being underweight is totally normal and desirable. Kate Moss, the famous supermodel, for example. She once said, “Nothing tastes as good as skinny feels.” Now, that might be her personal mantra, but it’s really not a healthy message to send. It’s like telling people that being super skinny is the ultimate goal, which is so not cool, especially for young folks who look up to these influencers. 


When Light as a Feather Isn’t a Compliment


Being underweight might seem like a shortcut to “lightness,” but it’s a tricky path to tread. Your energy tank’s on empty, your strength’s gone on vacation, and your immune system’s throwing a fit.
Being underweight isn’t a featherlight adventure; it’s a health rollercoaster you didn’t sign up for, and your body is silently struggling and you’re not listening.


Heavy Burden: The Weight of Obesity 


Carrying extra pounds is not just about appearance, it’s a ticket to health havoc. Obesity is like that clingy ex you can’t shake – it comes with a baggage full of chronic diseases, diminished energy, and a not-so-happy dance with your mirror. 


The Bottom Line:

Whether you’re slim, curvy, or somewhere in between, your physical and mental health should be your number one priority. That means feeding your body right, staying active, and catching enough Zzz’s. Don’t buy into the myth that it’s okay to live at extremes – it’s not. Find that sweet spot that makes you feel your best, inside and out. See you in our next self-care chat!