Facial Hair Removal: To Laser or not to Laser for Women. Should I laser my face??

To Laser or not to Laser for Women.

Should I laser my face??

Facial hair on female subjects is very common. Some have short thin hair known as “Peach Fuzz” and it is barely noticeable, while others have longer thicker black hair which society qualified as a “Beard”.


According to Minisha Sood, MD, endocrinologist in New York City, reasons for which the second type might occur could be abnormally high levels of androgen hormones, or an increased sensitivity in your hair follicles even to normal levels of androgen hormones.


In such cases, no amount of waxing, plucking, burning or even laser hair removal sessions can stop their growth.

It’s a matter of hormones, where the hair becomes the consequence.


Herein falls the dilemma of when to remove facial hair.

Many laser hair removal centers seek to satiate their business cravings, while forgetting the human element and state of being the clients are in at the moment.

“I’ve witnessed many irreversible cases and various parameters had to be taken in order to rectify the damage, or at least try to” one technician stated.

“Teenagers these days are always facing the camera – Tik Toking and stuff and filters can only do so much, so they come to us and somehow ask for hair removal treatments to be done, forgetting that their hormones are going haywire,” another technician added.

After interviewing various candidates, the fault falls on the centers due to their compliance to the candidates and their lack of moral duty.


“I wish I had let them be. But I was 18 and emotional, I couldn’t look at them anymore in the mirror so I shaved them off and laser-ed them away and then they grew thicker and darker.” a candidate in one of the most reputable centers.

However, honesty is the best policy, and I have discovered a few centers that have adopted this mentality, regardless of business targets and earning clients.

“Because in the long-run, we’re building a reputation. I ask for a medical history, to opt out of any contraindications- like PCOS for example, I ask for age, and so forth…because we care for our clients – saying “no” does us well.” a branch manager mentioned to me.


Facial hair removal is a very delicate subject especially for women, however, it’s a double-edged sword in which they have to be understanding of why some centers refuse to treat them and the centers have to be mindful of the concerns to be tackled – and even, maybe, provide alternatives for the time being.