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    Laser Vascular Lesions’ Treatment

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    Laser Vascular Lesions’ Treatment


    Eliminate spider veins through advanced laser treatment.

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    Laser Vascular Lesions’ Treatment

    About the Treatment

    Our center employs highly qualified medical specialists of the first and highest qualification categories with work experience of at least 10 years.

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    What are vascular lesions?

    Vascular lesions are common abnormalities that affect the skin tissue. They can be inherited or acquired with time and appear on the face, neck and the body of men and woman. There are many types of vascular lesions, yet the most popular are thread veins, also called spider veins, that may appear on the face and mainly legs.


    Leg thread veins are not varicose veins.

    Varicose veins are larger and deeper, may appear lumpy or twisted, are usually red in color and require medical attention. Another type is Telangiectasia, which is a form of Rosacea that may appear on the face and body too. This skin disorder is simply tiny blood vessels that are close to the surface of the skin that look like thin red, purple or blue lines.

    What is the treatment of vascular lesions?

    Once you undergo a dermatologist’s consultation, you will be provided with the best treatment for skin condition whether it is facial or body Telangiectasia, facial spider veins or leg thread veins.
    In many cases, the treatment is usually a combination of laser and sclerotherapy


    Laser treatment for facial and leg thread veins

    For the most part, various laser treatments are considered to be the best treatment for all types of vascular lesions, as they proven to be safe, effective and selective – since they target unwanted or abnormal blood vessels in the skin minimizing damage to the surrounding normal skin.
    The laser heats up the veins quickly causing them to collapse in on themselves and at Silkor, we use the best ranges of laser.


    Laser for vascular lesions can be done on most areas of your face, neck and legs.

    How many sessions do I need?

    The treatment has no downtime, no pain, and lasts for 20 minutes.
    It results in 75% visible reduction of veins and allows you to resume your daily activities afterwards.


    75% of permanent visible reduction in veins

    Laser for Vascular Lesions Protocol:

    The Do’s and Don’ts of this treatment.


    – Avoid exposing the area to be treated to sun or tanning beds.
    – Do not apply self-tanning creams 1 week before the treatment.
    – Don’t scrub the area to be treated 5 days the session.
    – Avoid using Retin A, Accutane and facial peels 1 week before the treatment.
    – Do not apply any kind of essential oils, make-up, creams, lotions or perfumes on the area to be treated.


    You might feel slight discomfort and the treated area may appear flushed and warm. You may also experience some bruising or swelling but this should end within 72 hours. If blistering or crusting occur, allow it to fall off naturally.

    – Avoid rubbing or scratching the treated area.
    – Avoid saunas, very hot showers, or swimming in chlorinated water for 4 to 5 days.
    – Do not shave for 3 days.
    – Don’t forget to use SPF 50 on the treated areas at all times.
    – Refrain from sun exposure, tanning beds (Solarium) and tanning creams.


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