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    Rhinoplasty Surgery


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    Rhinoplasty Surgery

    About the Treatment

    Our center employs highly qualified medical specialists of the first and highest qualification categories with work experience of at least 10 years.

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    A Nosey Situation  

    Rhinoplasty is a cosmetic nose surgery performed on both men and women to reshape and enhance the nose, while it is also used to solve medical concerns such as breathing disabilities or nose disfigurements.

    Medically Speaking
    Rhinoplasty operation corrects functional nose problems, it also reverses the effects of a deviated septum, which usually causes breathing difficulties.

    Aesthetically Speaking

    Aesthetically speaking, there are several factors why one would opt for rhinoplasty:

    • Nose to face size balance
    • Nose width at the bridge
    • Nose with visible humps on the bridge
    • Nasal tip that is enlarged or hooked
    • Nostrils that are large, wide or upturned
    • Nasal asymmetry

    A Compatible Surgical Method for Every Case

    Surgeons employ different surgical methods while operating a rhinoplasty depending on the pre-operative goals that were set during previous consultations.

    Every patient’s unique case imposes on the surgeon to rely on a customized method; for instance, surgeons will remove masses of excess tissue and cartilage to assist easier breathing, but would build up cartilage for reshaping.

    The plastic surgeon decides which type of surgery best suits your case during the consultation, while taking into consideration other factors like facial features and the type of skin.
    It’s very important to communicate your desired aesthetic outcome with your surgeon so that he/she could help you set your goals and ground your expectations.

    In a nutshell, every nose is treated differently and provided a customized plan to ensure desirable results.


    Before and After Rhinoplasty Surgery

    The following instructions and guidelines will help your recovery process:

    Before the operation:

    • Rest well, as your body needs all the energy it can get to heal.
    • Keep your face clean for sanitary and hygienic purposes, it’s very important to wash and exfoliate your skin prior to surgery.
    • Drink more water during the days leading up to your rhinoplasty – ingest about twice as much as you usually do.
    • Let someone be ready to drive you home post-surgery, for safety purposes – as the rhinoplasty is a one-day operation.
    • Get all the medication prescribed by your surgeon and have them ready at home before you have the procedure.

    After the operation:  

    • Elevate your head as much as possible during the early post-operative period.
    • Start your liquid diet as soon as you get home and gradually move to a normal diet. Avoid chewing for the first week and hot beverages for 48 hours.
    • Try to refrain from smoking cigarettes during the first 2 weeks after surgery as it hinders the healing and increases the risk of complications.
    • You will be given an appointment to come to the office for a follow up visit 2 or 3 days after surgery. At this visit nasal packing (if used) will be removed.
    • Avoid prolonged sun exposure for the first 3 months after surgery. Always apply SPF 30 if you’re going outdoors.


    Note: Small areas of bruising may persist for weeks, and subtle swelling of the nose last for months. These effects will gradually diminish over time. The final results of nasal surgery is not completely evident for months, so be patient.

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