Established in Beirut Lebanon in 1997, Silkor is an industry pioneer and the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region’s leading chain of Laser Hair Removal, Skin Care Treatments, Slimming Solutions, Medico-Aesthetic Services and Cosmetic & Plastic surgery. The company specializes in treatments that promote smoother, more radiant skin, for both men and women. Treatments are performed by highly skilled dermatologists and medical practitioners and take place in a relaxed comforting atmosphere. Silkor addresses customer needs with the most advanced, proven, non-invasive medical and aesthetic technology. Silkor enhances the personal wellbeing, confidence and self-esteem of its customers in a safe and professional environment.



The name Silkor is a play on words combining the English “Silk” with the French “Corps” (body). This encapsulates the Silkor mission – to provide the smoothest, most soothing and least intrusive luxury laser medico-aesthetic and skin care treatments.


  • 2020 - Medical Tourism 2020

    Silkor is an ambitious and visionary brand. Along with the launching of the high end concept “boutik by Silkor”, Silkor has enriched the MENA, GCC and European regions with booming international centers in parallel with the aggressive participation in the Dubai Expo – Medical Tourism, hence resulting in an official worldwide acknowledgement of Silkor’s international corporate success.

  • 2018 - London | Paris | Montreal

    Silkor’s ambitions for expansion have not been sated. Silkor chose the financial, cultural, beauty and fashion capitals of Europe – London and Paris – as the locations for its first steps outside the Middle East. Silkor also expects to cross the great blue ocean to the New World. Silkor’s first location of choice there is cosmopolitan Montreal.

  • 2017 - Silkor Cosmetic & Plastic Surgery

    Silkor pioneered the concept of high-end medical tourism and established the very first Silkor Cosmetic & Plastic Surgery on EMAAR Boulevard, in Downtown Dubai, right across iconic Burj Khalifa. Silkor Cosmetic & Plastic Surgery provides the highest quality surgery services performed by a selective pool of international expert surgeons. 2017 thus marked the beginning of a series of luxury aesthetic hospitals across the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) countries and the MENA region.

  • 2015 - “boutik by Silkor”

    With a booming number of centers growing at an extensive rate, Silkor introduced an innovative luxury sensation: “boutik by Silkor”; an online and offline concept store where high end medico-aesthetic products are displayed. Within six months, Silkor had finalized the establishment of the “boutik by Silkor” in all its flagship centers.

  • 2013 - London - Paris - Montreal

    Silkor’s ambitions for expansion have not been sated. Silkor chose the financial, cultural, beauty and fashion capitals of Europe as the locations for its first steps outside the Middle East. Silkor also expects to cross the great blue ocean to the New World. Silkor’s first location of choice there is cosmopolitan Montreal.

  • 2012 - Phenomenal Growth

    It was Silkor’s ambition, diligence, skillful marketing, and flexible response to customer demand that fueled Silkor’s expansion in the Middle East. The “foot-in-the-door” centers in Dubai and Abu Dhabi triggered Silkor’s Baby Boom. In 2011, centers were opened in Ras Al Khaimah, Al Ain, Khalifa City A, Mirdif – UAE, Solidere, Tripoli, Chtaura – Lebanon, Muscat – Oman, Doha – Qatar, Erbil – Iraq. These further paved the way for expansion into Jordan, Kuwait and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

  • 2010 - Headquarters, Saifi, Solidere - Lebanon

    In 2010, Silkor also launched its corporate headquarters in Saifi, Solidere in Beirut. The 2600 square meter of offices houses the managerial and creative talent behind the success of Silkor’s Laser Medical Centers, as well as other members of the Silkor group: Silkor International, Silkor Foundation, Silkor Real Estate, Silkor Ventures and Silkor Investments.

  • 2008 - Abu Dhabi, Khalidiya - UAE

    Within just two years, Silkor opened its second center in the UAE, in Abu Dhabi. With Silkor’s design, theme and operational model by then well-developed, thus began Silkor’s “copy-paste” phase.

  • 2006 - Dubai, Jumeirah Beach Road - UAE

    The 2006 Lebanon war prompted Silkor to explore its options abroad. Dubai was chosen as the best base from which to expose the Silkor brand to the Arab world. The Silkor founder set out to find a suitable location and with lightning speed, the Jumeirah Beach Road center was set up as the flagship center for the region.

  • 2006 - Verdun, Beirut - Lebanon

    New plans for a third branch in Lebanon were already in progress and Verdun, being a “hot spot”, wa sthe perfect place. At this point, Silkor began to evolve from the “family business” into “The Lovable Brand”. One week before the opening, the 2006 war began. Despite the constant bombing, our staff exhibited an indomitable spirit. The show went on.

  • 2005 - Kaslik, Keserwan - Lebanon

    Silkor then established a type of viral effect and people from as far as the North of Lebanon were demanding Silkor treatments. Despite the fact that it was a time of political instability in Lebanon, Silkor was set to establish its presence in other strategic locations. Expansion plans were set in motion. Kaslik was chosen for the new location.

  • 1997 - Abraj, Beirut - Lebanon

    The journey towards making the Silkor concept a reality began with just a capital of just USD20,000 collected by selling graduation gifts including a beloved motorcycle.

Premium Partners

Silkor works with global partners to leverage unique capabilities and achieve common goals. The Strategic Planning & Corporate Development division supports the delivery of new techniques and services,developed with global partners and integrated into the Silkor service model.


Lighting the way to the future. Silkor is proud to partner with this global leader in aesthetic lasers. Lumenis® is dedicated to enhancing people’s lives with its advanced aesthetic treatment solutions: Light Sheer® XC™, Light Sheer® ET™, Light Sheer® Duet™, Lumenis® One™, IPL® Quantum™, UltraPulse® Total FX™.


Silkor’s partnership with Cynosure®, the global industry leader in medical laser technologies gives it access to the world’s most reliable lasers. These state-of-the-art medical lasers [Hoya ConBio® and Elite®] underpin Silkor’s versatility and efficiency.


In partnership with Zimmer, the worldwide leader in the development of Laser Cooling Systems and other life enhancing technologies, Silkor is able to minimize pain and prevent thermal injury during laser sessions.


Working together to ensure safety and efficacy, Silkor and Syneron, a pioneering company in the manufacture of anti-cellulite agents, combine their expertise to redefine the body remodeling processes.

Altair Instruments™ Inc.

Silkor has partnered with the creators of the Crystal Free Diamond Micro-Dermabrasion technology. This affiliation raises the skin surfacing concept to a whole new level of service innovation.

Zeltiq® Aesthetics, Inc.

Another successful partnership was held with ZELTIQ® Aesthetics, Inc.; a company which has strategically grown the CoolSculpting brand to become the #1 non-invasive fat reduction procedure with millions of treatments performed to date.

Dectro International

Silkor has also partnered with the founders of Apilus®: “Dectro International”.  The thorough command of leading-edge technologies has enabled the company to break a new ground in the application of electrolysis and aesthetic care


Edge Systems LLC

With a philosophy firmly rooted in the achievement of skin health, Silkor has partnered with the makers of HydraFacial MD® to focus on providing its patients with the most effective solutions to their skin care needs.

Quality And Innovation

Scientific and technological innovations in laser medico-aesthetic treatments are advancing at the speed of light. With a dedicated medical advisory team charged with exploring new technologies, Silkor continuously evaluates new therapies, equipment and procedures to ensure best results and value for its clients.

Thanks to Silkor’s size and reputation and its relationships with manufacturers and researchers, its team is in a position to evaluate new laser medico-aesthetic technologies even before they come on the market. This puts Silkor in a prime position to stay ahead of the field and provide the best service and satisfaction for its customers.

Vision And Values

“To establish Silkor as the trusted international leader in high quality, personalized, luxury laser medico-aesthetic, cosmetic & plastic surgery and skin care treatments.”

It is the Silkor people who make Silkor what it is and who believe that putting the company values into practice achieves long-term benefits for all stakeholders.

Customer service excellence
Silkor listens to its customers who are encouraged to provide regular feedback to the company. Their needs are addressed by branch managers and by regional customer relations teams.

Entrepreneurial spirit and passion to win
What makes Silkor both unique and exciting as a business concept is its provision of medico-aesthetic care within a service model. It is a combination that is both lucrative and innovative for entrepreneurs and businesses involved in the rapidly developing medico-aesthetic field. What sets Silkor apart from the competition is its potent mix of competence, efficiency, excellent team work and a passion to excel.

Constant innovation in quality services
In order to maintain its leadership position in a fast expanding market, the company constantly introduces new services through innovative marketing strategies.

Operational excellence
The Silkor medical protocols and operational procedures and guidelines provide Silkor staff with reliable reference tools designed to help team members resolve technical or service issues and handle patient concerns. Staff training programs are geared toward insuring successful integration and consistent application of these proven proprietary Silkor systems.

Teamwork in a Silkor environment
Since its founding in 1997, Silkor has been committed to hiring highly competent talent and to fostering a spirit of teamwork. Today, the Silkor family is fortunate to have some of the most talented people in the industry working harmoniously, exchanging innovative ideas, learning from each other and delivering the top customer service.
Silkor’s strategy is to attract and retain people who subscribe to the company culture and fully utilize their own high potential. The Silkor culture provides equal job and training opportunities with promotion based solely on merit.

Keys to Success

Silkor’s distinctive positioning and core competencies include:

FDA approved, state-of-the-art systems
Strong brand recognition
Ability to address customers’ needs
Quality of service
Best in class IT platform
Convenient locations
Inviting atmosphere

Academic Recognition

The Silkor model was the subject of a recent academic case study jointly conducted by the prestigious Standford Graduate School of Business in California and the Olayan School of Business at the American University of Beirut. This case study was developed with the generous support of the Goldman Sachs 10,000 women initiative and explored Silkor’s impressive service model, its innovative, entrepreneurial approach and its aggressive, well executed expansion strategy. In addition, Silkor was featured in numerous university publications both in US and the Middle East. Pearson’s Management and Marketing Management editions are a few to mention.

Training Facilities

Following the launch of its academic training centers in Beirut and Chtaura, Lebanon to strengthen Silkor specialists’ skills and improve the quality of customers’ service, the company now has annual training capacity for over 100 specialists.


Silkor centers are the company’s trademark. Each occupying approximately 600 square meters, with an average of 17 treatment rooms and clinics, they are situated in prime locations and are characterized by a unique architecture and subtle design features.

The soothing graduated colors utilized throughout the facility, along with its peaceful Zen ambiance, create an oasis of calm for customers arriving at the centers. Management’s attention to detail, its response to customer needs, the successful integration of technical efficiency, medical safety and customer comfort make the Silkor experience safe and exhilorating.



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