More Than Skin Deep: Silkor Success Story

The Success Story of SILKOR

“Self-belief and hard work will always earn you success”

Today we’ll be talking about a new topic that is the core reason for inspiration behind every blog you’ve ever read here and the website as a whole. A riveting story to share with you – a story that’s all about vision, determination, and skincare-focused success. Grab your virtual seats as we dive into the vibrant world of Silkor, the leading laser medical and skin treatment sensation that’s sweeping across the Middle East and beyond.


Imagine bustling campuses, ambitious faculty, dedicated staff, enthusiastic students, and proud alumni all gathered under one banner – the OSB lecturers. They’re not just your average folks; they’re a powerhouse of innovators, researchers, and collaborators. And they’re not just working locally; they’re connecting globally, partnering up with like-minded geniuses from around the world.


But let’s zoom in on a quartet of remarkable minds – Carla Sayegh, Riad Dimechkie (a proud BA ’70 alumnus), and Lara Tarakjian (EMBA ’07 graduate), along with the mastermind behind Kiva, Jessica Jackley. They came together to cook up a case study that’s been turning heads at none other than Stanford University. Yep, you read that right – Stanford.

So, what’s the case study all about? Silkor. It’s a story that started small but dreamed big. An anecdote of two siblings, Lara and Oscar Tarakjian, who dared to challenge the norms of entrepreneurship in Lebanon. You see, starting up in a country with no venture capitalists and pretty conservative banks isn’t exactly a walk in the park. To kickstart Silkor in ’97, Oscar had to put everything on the line – from his life savings to his beloved car and motorcycle. Talk about commitment, right?

From that humble beginning in central Beirut’s Abraj neighborhood, Silkor grew. And not just grew – it flourished. From two employees and one laser hair-removal machine, it expanded into a booming franchise. With nine locations in Lebanon and 9 in the UAE, Silkor is on fire. And guess what? Lara and Oscar have set their sights on and opened more treatment centers across Qatar, Jordan, Kuwait, Bahrain, and Oman.


But here’s the kicker – their goal is not just chasing numbers. They’re chasing a vision. A vision to be the go-to destination for top-notch, technology-driven, personalized laser medical and skin treatments. Now, that’s what you call aiming high. In the world of entrepreneurship, Silkor stands as a model, although there are other successful models that have charted their course following different philosophies. Silkor, however, stands out as a pioneer.


Yet, as the Silkor stars shine brighter than ever, the Tarakjian duo faces a challenge. How do they expand their brand without compromising on quality? How do they keep that entrepreneurial spirit burning while they spread their wings across the region? It’s a puzzle, but Lara and Oscar are determined to crack it.


“I know there’s so much more,” says Lara. “We’ve come far, but we’ve got work to do.”


And there you have it, the inspiring story of Silkor – a story of passion, perseverance, and a laser-sharp focus on success. Stay tuned as this dynamic duo propels their vision into reality.

Until next time, keep dreaming big and daring to be extraordinary. The Silkor way!