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    Electrostimulation – Silkor



    Silkor provides its clientele with solutions for Muscle Stimulation using Electrotherapy.

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    About the Treatment

    Our center employs highly qualified medical specialists of the first and highest qualification categories with work experience of at least 10 years.

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    Electrostimulation treatment releases multiple steady electric impulses that stimulate muscle contractions over a sustained therapy session.

    Electrostimulation is also known as electrotherapy.

    How does it work?

    Once the multiple currents are released, they break down and dispense fat pockets. This also reduces the tremendous toxins trapped in the fat, which helps to cut cellulite build-up. When paired with any of the non-invasive slimming treatments a balanced diet, electrostimulation will provide significantly faster results than traditional exercise programs, as this procedure adopts the mentality of work smarter, not harder.

    In a nutshell, get the gym results you want with electrotherapy.


    What are the benefits of Electrostimulation?

    • Increase blood circulation.
    • Reshape your body.
    • Improve strength by flexing weak muscles.
    • Retrain weak muscles (after illness or surgery)
    • Slow the process of muscle atrophy (thinning of muscles) by strengthening them.

    Will it hurt?

    Pain is relative, however this treatment, in general, isn’t painful.
    Some clients have mentioned a slight tingling sensation when the electrical current is initiated.


    This is a slimming treatment and not a weight loss one.

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