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    Hair Removal


    Hair Removal

    Don’t you wish you could get rid of excessive hair in certain areas of your body for a really really really long time? You’re in luck! Because we’ve got exactly what you need! 

    Hi there! We at Silkor, being the Middle East’s leading chain of Laser Hair Removal since 1997 (and other medico-aesthetic treatments) know that the endless shaving and waxing routine is a ‘the struggle is real’ type of experience that nobody has the time or energy for. 

    Starting your laser hair removal treatments with us will rid you of these thoughts and hardships! Since helping you achieve long-lasting hair reduction is our specialty, and what we’re most famous for (we’re aware of that). 

    So, it’s time you ditch the razor or whatever sugary, slippery, or sticky product you have for good. Go ahead, chat with our branch manager and let your long-term hair removal journey begin!

    Laser Hair Removal

    Laser hair removal can rid you of the pain and inconvenience of shaving and waxing, which can be time-consuming.  It is also a great solution for men and women to remove unwanted hair that grows in areas such as the back, shoulders, chest, belly, arms, legs, armpits, and private areas. Laser is an effective method to remove facial hair as well as body hair permanently for both men and women across a certain number of sessions.

    Laser Hair Bleaching

    Fine hair, you know that soft baby hair? That one!
    It’s not easy to get rid of – due to its soft nature and color.
    Laser hair removal can’t target it, and epilation, waxing, or shaving can risk hair growth, even home bleaching techniques can be risky.

    That’s why laser hair bleaching offers an effective remedy for unwanted fine hair that cannot be easily spotted by other hair removal lasers.


    It is a treatment that uses sterile, disposable, very fine and thin needles that destroy the cells responsible for hair growth.
    Electroepilation or electrolysis gets rid of fine hair of various colors, even hair over tattoos.

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