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    Neck Lift

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    Neck Lift Procedure


    Get a smooth and more refined neckline.

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    Neck Lift Procedure

    About the Treatment

    Our center employs highly qualified medical specialists of the first and highest qualification categories with work experience of at least 10 years.

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    Neck lift is a medico-aesthetic surgery that removes the excess fat that tends to accumulate around that area. Not to mention, that with aging the skin tends to lose its elasticity and the muscles weaken.

    Before you embark on your neck lift journey, discuss all the results that you desire during your consultation with our licensed doctors.
    Neck lift can be combined with other services such as a facelift or mini facelift for more apparent results.

    The Procedure

    Usually, a local anesthesia is required for this surgery, however most surgeons might require a general anesthesia for various reasons.
    The general aim of this surgery is to improve saggy aging skin thus reversing the hands of time and getting a better more defined jawline.


    After the procedure

    Swelling and bruising are common after this kind of procedure, and wearing a special garment that compresses the treated area is highly advised. Our surgeons also advise you to keep your head straight with little bending.



    Every body is different and that’s why healing time varies from one person to the next, however, usually, it takes up to six months for the incision lines to slowly disappear. In the meantime, avoid any exposure to the sun, refrain from wearing right collars and be gentle to the skin around the area to be treated.


    that involves making small incisions on the skin at the top of your neck, which is then tightened through plastic sutures. The incision is hidden under your hairline, so no scarring will occur. If done correctly and on an experienced surgeon, neck lift reduces the appearance of sagging skin and adds several years to your neck.


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