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    Minor Skin Procedures

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    Skin Rejuvenation Procedures


    Clear skin makes way for a clear conscience and a worry-free mind!

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    Skin Rejuvenation Procedures

    Remove skin tags, moles and warts with the help of our Dermatologists.

    Small details that make the big difference.

    Whether it’s a skin tags, moles, warts/verruca removal or any other skin imperfection removal, our dermatologists are highly qualified to remove them with minor skin procedures.

    During your consultation the Dermatologist will examine the concern and provide you with a detailed solution regarding the procedure.


    Frequently Asked Questions

    All you need to know about this treatment.

    Small skin growths that hang from the surface of your body, those are skin tags. These harmless and common extensions are made up of loose collagen fibers and blood vessels surrounded by skin.

    After the consultation, the Dermatologist performs a minor surgery to remove unwanted skin tags, either by snipping the skin tag off with surgical scissors, freezing it with liquid Nitrogen, or burning it off with special chemicals.

    Moles are small brown or black patches, which form on the skin. Moles are caused by skin cells that form in clusters, called, ‘melanocytes’, which usually produce the color or pigment in the skin.

    After your consultation the minor procedure, called “mole ablation” is conducted by our Dermatologists. There are two ways in which this is completed, however before both a local anaesthetic is injected to avoid pain.

    • The 1st method is surgical excision, which involves cutting out the entire mole and stitching the skin if necessary.
    • The 2nd method, is surgical shaving, where the dermatologist uses a surgical blade to remove the mole.

    Warts are small painless lumps that are firm and usually appear on fingers, knuckles and palms.
    Verruca is the name given to a wart under the skin that specifically appears on the sole of the foot. They usually have distinctive tiny black dots, which are blood vessels and cause some pain.

    During the consultation the Dermatologist will decide on the best way to get rid of your warts and stubborn verrucas without the risk of scaring. Usually, the procedure takes less than 30 minutes where the imperfections are either destroyed using an electric needle and curettage or it’s cut off.
    Since this procedure is painful, it is performed under local anesthetic and may require stitches.

    Milia are small white or yellowish raised cysts, bumps or spots on the skin caused by the build-up of Keratin under the surface of the skin. They are usually found as clutters around the eye area and cheeks, but can appear anywhere on the face or body.

    Milia cysts are not contagious or harmful in any way. The best way to remove them is through “needle extraction”. Once the skin with milia has been cleaned, a sterile needle is used to create a tiny incision and the contents of the milia are carefully extracted.

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