Age is just a number

We turned 25 years old!

Happy birthday to us – we can’t digest how fast time passed – it was just yesterday we had our first branch in Lebanon. Now, 25 branches later in more than 6 locations, we feel like we matured in more ways than one.


However, being in the middle of this celebration we noticed that we’re in the business of empowering confidence, in the business of getting your mental health balanced, in the business of basically getting you closer to whatever makes you comfortable in your own skin – turning age into just a number!!


Then suddenly it hit us – sure we’re celebrating 25 years, but for us we feel younger than ever, we’re still learning and evolving and these 25 years were lessons that taught us how to retain our clients, their kids and their kids’ kids.


All this brings us to the realization of how the saying “you are as old as you feel” has so much truth to it, to the realization that diluting the message that age is only limited to numbers, it is linked to the experience gained along the way, the strength that came along too. Not to mention, that the maturity of mental health isn’t even related to age, in other words, – age does not necessarily equate to declining physical or mental health. Prioritizing mental well-being can promote vitality and quality of life at any age. By focusing on self-care and adopting a positive mindset, we can defy societal expectations and lead active, fulfilling lives.


Societal norms often place pressure on individuals to conform to predefined expectations based on their age. By recognizing that age is just a number, we can challenge these norms and redefine what it means to age gracefully and beautifully. Embracing diversity and inclusivity allows us to appreciate the contributions of people of all ages and fosters a more compassionate and equitable society.


So, we pulled the breaks and said, “hold on a minute”, how are we celebrating 25 years, when we’re in the business of reversing the hands of time, of giving you the confidence that you want upon your request? And then this “A-HA” moment hit us and we noticed that “Age is truly, a number” and you know what we believe it is as relative as ever – especially when it comes to the way you feel and love.


So, next time you have a birthday- think of it as just numbers – literally – and give credit to the self that got you here, through the ups and downs of life, regardless of your age.