Custom-made bodies: Which of the technologies is best?

Custom-made bodies

Which of the technologies is best?

Scientists Dieter Manstein and R. Rox Anderson discovered that the cells in which fat grows, freeze to death at -4 celsius degrees. Thus, permanently eliminating the possibility of their growth.


Evidently, this discovery led to body contouring technology that functions on the notion of Cryolipolysis. And it’s non-invasive – as in, it doesn’t infiltrate the body.

There are 2 very known brands thriving with this, CoolSculpting and Cooltech. Evidently, while both tackle the same objective of body contouring, the technology that “cools” varies.



This technology is the only FDA-cleared device for fat freezing, so far. It has a proven safe and effective record via research and precise science, and it has safety sensors to prevent any damage. Impressively, it has its own CoolSculpting University that is committed to providing exceptional training, because if this were to fall under poorly trained hands, the side effects can be irreversible.


Mimicking the effects of CoolSculpting, this technology still lacks safety measures. Some people like to take the risk, but if the gamble doesn’t turn in your favor, your skin could burn, your fat cells could rebel and double in size, your veins could freeze and well, many things could go irreversibly wrong. Does it sometimes get the job done with no harm? Yes. But do you want to gamble away an entire area of your body?

To conclude, two main technologies exist: the first is safe and pricey, the second is risky and cheap. Which means, if the odds are in your favor, they both might amount to the results you’ve hoped for.


The choice remains yours: Safe or Cheap?