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    Liposuction Surgery


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    Liposuction Surgery

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    It Begins with Silkor

    Adha is a time of new beginnings, purity, and self-care. So, we believe that everything starts from within. Your journey to confidence and security begins with the decision to take care of yourself.

    Since 1997, Silkor has been dedicated to inspiring confidence and helping people feel comfortable in their own skin. With over 25 years of experience, we offer luxury laser treatments, cosmetic procedures, and skincare tailored just for you.

    This Adha, make the choice to look and feel amazing. We’re waiting for you!

    About the Treatment

    Our center employs highly qualified medical specialists of the first and highest qualification categories with work experience of at least 10 years.

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    Why Silkor?

    With 25 years of expertise in the laser and medico-aesthetic realm, we have invested in empowering you in more ways than one.

    Emphasizing on health and harmony, Silkor aims to provide the most innovative skincare and body solutions with FDA approved products and state-of-the-art technologies to promote confidence in both men and women.

    Performed by highly skilled dermatologists, plastic surgeons, and a medical team in more than six countries in the MENA region, our skin, medical, and plastic surgery services address diverse customer needs to improve your well-being, self-esteem, and comfort in your own skin.


    Designing Confidence

    In addition to Silkor’s dermatologists and skilled practitioners, the medical center employs a team of professional doctors and certified plastic surgeons who perform an extensive list of medico-aesthetic procedures and cosmetic surgeries, designed to improve and reshape your body, and enhance your confidence.

    From simple anti-aging injectables to enhance, reshape, and delay aging-symptoms to body contouring, breast, face, hair restoration, slimming, mommy makeover, and skin solutions – our doctors provide the highest quality surgery services.



    Liposuction is a cosmetic procedure that removes the excess fat that isn’t eliminated through diet and exercise. This procedure is performed by a plastic surgeon on various body parts to improve and enhance one’s appearance.

    Liposuction is the ideal choice

    Ideal choice for people looking to contour their body after weight loss via surgery, or dieting and exercise, and now want to get rid of the resilient extra fat.

    This procedure can be paired with other surgeries such as, breast reduction, facelift, or a tummy tuck to attain the ideal body shape desired by patients.

    Liposuction Services: 

    • Liposuction-360 (This technique involves standard liposuction throughout the midsection, including the abdomen, waist, “love handles” (flanks), mid back, and lower back, for comprehensive contouring of the region)
    • Lipo-Abdomen
    • Lipo-Arms
    • Lipo-Breast
    • Lipo-Buttocks
    • Lipo-Chest
    • Lipo-Chin
    • Lipo-Flanks
    • Lipo-Gynecomastia (male breast reduction)
    • Lipo-Thighs
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    Lipo and J-plasma go hand in hand

    After removing excess amounts of fat, there is a high probability that the skin will lose its elasticity and start to sag. If this occurs, J-Plasma can easily tighten the area to enhance its effects.

    J-plasma is a device is inserted sub-dermally, delivering cold plasma that instantly tightens and constrict the skin to improve its appearance.

    This device is very flexible and can be used in any area that liposuction is conducted.


    The right choice comes with the right Doctor.


    Our medical professionals will discuss the patients’ medical history during their consultation, in addition to taking pictures of the areas to be treated.
    The plastic surgeons will also walk the patients through the liposuction protocol before and after the surgery. This surgery is not recommended if the patient is pregnant, has heart issues and diabetes, and is overweight.
    To avoid complications during the surgery some lab tests are required.

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    The Do’s and Don’ts

    Each surgeon has his own treatment protocol, so it’s always best to consult and ask your personal physicians about any questions you have.


    • Maintain a healthy diet
    • Stop smoking at least 3 weeks prior
    • Exercise regularly
    • Avoid anti-inflammatory drugs or medicines


    • Always drink enough water
    • Maintain your weight post operation
    • Regular Exercise
    • Eat healthy food, in smaller portions, often


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